Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Christmas 2008

I decided to change things up a bit this Christmas season and made all my gifts. I had a great time coming up with ideas and even more fun making and giving these gifts. For mom, I made a pair of wide-leg lounge pants. I used Amy Butler's pattern from her In Stitches book.

I also used an Amy Butler pattern for Emily's gift. I made her the In-Town Bag. This was the first purse I had made and found it to be much easier than I had expected.

For Brett and Kevin, I made fleece blankets. Brett's was a Beatles print and Kevin's a UNC print.

My last gift was for Veronica. I also made her Amy Butler's wide-leg lounge pants. All the gifts turned out great. I can't wait to do it again next year.

I even managed to use some excess fabric to make myself a pair of lounge pants before I left for Disney.

As far as gifts for me are concerned, I received Seasons 1-3 of House (which I am thoroughly enjoying), some sewing supplies and storage tote, gift cards and a much needed flashlight. It was a great Christmas, possibly one of the best actually.

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MrsSki said...

I love those lounge pants! They are so cute!!